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Hiking, CF cards, and Adoption

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What a day! Woke up this morning at 6am (late for my usual wakeup) and got the peapod delivery all squared away. Made breakfast and then Semiotic and I headed out by noon for a local hiking trail we discovered.

Case Mountain is close by, and we headed out there to the trail head, looked at the map briefly, and set off into the woods. Up, up, and up we hiked on the blue trail. At first it was a halting trip because every time I turned round, Semiotic was busy looking at something and back down the trail away from me, as I had kept walking not knowing she stopped. I soon sussed out that I needed to keep her in front to keep an eye on her hehe.

We hit the yellow/blue trail and Semiotic told me that in looking at the map on the trail head, that this would link up again with the blue and we would end up back at the truck. She was right, but what she failed to tell me was that it would be 2 hours later! You see, the yellow/blue trail is tough terrain and though we were moving at a good pace, it was a long haul.

In the end, I had captured more than a few macro stills, and enjoyed the hike quite a bit. We finally hit the blue trail again and arrived back at the truck with leadened legs. We hurried home to meet a friend who was looking to give away her plants because she was moving. We walked away with 6 orchids and some other trees/plants. So we now truly have a jungle here.

Once all settled in, I plugged my 1 gig CF card into the laptop from the EOS and it would not come up. I put the card back into the EOS and all I got was ERROR 02. It seems the CF card has fallen down and gone boom.

So..No pics.


I guess tommorrow I will be stopping at the CompUSA for a 2 gig card….

Oh well..back to Nostradamus.

Written by Krypt3ia

2007/10/28 at 20:01

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