(Greek: κρυπτεία / krupteía, from κρυπτός / kruptós, “hidden, secret things”)

Thick As A Roux…

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I swear, as I continue to look into this whole debacle I just am amazed at the web weaved by these people. After hearing that the manager previous to the stalker had a possible connection to the actual robbery of the station, had been living with the stalker, and had a boyfriend who had a large rap sheet, I did a little background.

What you see above is just one entry for the background on the boyfriend “Pedro” Pedro has been a very naughty boy indeed. The system kicked out 70 criminal records for him as well as 5 alias names. Almost all of these arrests were Felony drug charges. It seems our boy has been in and out of jail from the 80’s up til about 2003. Now, coincidence that he is the former managers boyfriend, a trafficker of narcotics, who is with the manager of a store that had a funky robbery that is unsolved?

On the surveillance front I sat at the court and waited on the stalker to appear for her son’s court case. She was late, but pulled in and went inside. I pulled up next to her car and inspected it for damage. There was none to be seen that may lead to the idea that it was the car that was used to run over the mail box. Once inspected, I sat myself down and had a nice conversation on the phone with a friend as I watched for her to come out. In due time she did, along with another older lady and hopped in her car. They left and I had my close encounter to see the stalker up close and personal. No need for long distance, and she did not seem to notice me.

The forensic accountant is doing his thing and hopefully Monday will have an answer as to just how much money is missing from the store. Once that has been done, then the clients can go to the cops. I on the other hand, have begun placing all my data into a report for the clients/cops/lawyers so when they start asking, they can have it in hand. We’ll see what they do really though. So far they have not been stellar, but I also realize they work within certain parameters too.

Meanwhile, I have begun to plot out some social engineering scripts and a nasty little plan on how to turn them all against each other. The stalker has her phone online and I messaged her a while ago mentioning her trip to the court and that she needs to choose her friends more wisely (per the Pedro thing)… No response as yet. Suffice to say, that at this point the stalking has stopped for the most part. The clients have had some hang up calls (mouth breather) but thats it. No more threats to the acct I am logged onto, nor any physical manifestations. So I would have to say that for the present the pressure is off, but I have them secured now. Cameras will be in place Monday, alarms all set, perimeter wise they are good to go.

Let the games begin…

Did I mention that I signed up the stalker and her hubby for KKK information? Yeah, and also said to call their house if they liked to chat…

Wonder how that went over….

Written by Krypt3ia

2007/08/10 at 16:23

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  1. I’ve been enjoying the HELL out of this so get PAID to do this?! 😀


    2007/08/11 at 00:03

  2. Yep..and paid pretty well so far.


    2007/08/11 at 07:21

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