(Greek: κρυπτεία / krupteía, from κρυπτός / kruptós, “hidden, secret things”)

Empty Threats…

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As predicted, the stalker had to reach out today. See, the stalker suspect had a hearing today where they may have denied her unemployment from the job she got fired from at the client’s business. The client was indeed in NH, so as you can see she was watching their place of business and must have seen him leave.

Of course, creature of habit he is, he did NOT follow my instructions on varying his habits and did exactly what he does when he heads north.. Thus she saw him and knew he was headed out. I wish people would listen better…

The noose is tightening around her neck and now I think she has some idea that the landscape has changed… Now we shall see what hand this forces from her. The client has been warned and measures in place in case of a direct visitation… I doubt she will though. The clients biz is very close to her home, so I can see her just hanging about. Plausible deny ability there… not so much with their home address.

(04:10:43 PM) STALKER: having fun in nh?
(04:10:43 PM) CLIENT ACCT : I’m not here right now
(04:11:15 PM) STALKER: sure your not
(04:12:21 PM) STALKER: what is ur little gf going 2 do without u?
(04:13:31 PM) STALKER: maybe i should keep a close eye on her 4 u or maybe cum up there to nh
(04:14:08 PM) STALKER: im sure u could use some company
(04:15:22 PM) STALKER: that means shes taking care of the gs all by herself – can b a dangerous job u know
(04:22:59 PM) CLIENT ACCT: new hampshier?
(04:23:26 PM) CLIENT ACCT: seems you are misinformed
(04:24:12 PM) STALKER: we all know where ur going when u have the boat at gs
(04:24:27 PM) STALKER: saw u yesterday
(04:24:42 PM) CLIENT ACCT: from a satelite or in person Mona
(04:25:05 PM) STALKER: her truck is parked diff at house
(04:25:06 PM) CLIENT ACCT: and which alias did you use today at the hearing at DOL?
(04:25:13 PM) CLIENT ACCT: knapp? wheeler?
(04:25:24 PM) CLIENT ACCT: so many names
(04:25:35 PM) STALKER: so u think this is mona?
(04:25:57 PM) CLIENT ACCT: try as you might you cannot deflect
(04:26:33 PM) CLIENT ACCT: especially to claim to be in the area and see me
(04:26:43 PM) CLIENT ACCT: you never know who might be shadowing you
(04:26:55 PM) CLIENT ACCT: the hunter becomes the hunted mona
(04:27:19 PM) CLIENT ACCT: so why did you and michael lose every time in court to gain custody of the kids?
(04:27:23 PM) CLIENT ACCT: since 1996 was it?
(04:27:30 PM) CLIENT ACCT: very interesting reading really
(04:27:48 PM) STALKER: no idea what ur talking bout
(04:28:00 PM) CLIENT ACCT: play what role you want
(04:28:20 PM) CLIENT ACCT: just remember..any surveillance you may carry out..others may be in fact watching you instead
(04:28:24 PM) CLIENT ACCT: biding time
(04:28:33 PM) STALKER: u think u know so much
(04:28:40 PM) CLIENT ACCT: being on a cell phone for this conversation is smart..but not smart enough
(04:28:53 PM) CLIENT ACCT: this is being recorded as is any IP addresses with it
(04:30:08 PM) CLIENT ACCT: Know the battlefield and know yourself Mona and then you shall be victorious
(04:30:18 PM) STALKER : Your IM has been sent to my mobile device. When I receive it, I will be able to reply. Thanks for your IM! Want your IMs forwarded to your phone? Click

It suddenly got real quiet like….hahah

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2007/08/03 at 17:53

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