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“Why The World Needs Superman”

I will admit, that back when the first images from this film began to be put out there, I had my reservations. I am happy to say though, that having seen “Superman Returns” twice already that I am a fan.

While pondering this movie after seeing it for the second time some things hit me.

1) I think we as a species need to believe so much in a “savior” figure whether that be that Jesus guy or Superman. To me out of two fictional characters, I choose SUPERMAN

2) Watching the Challenger disaster live back when it happened, the shuttle scene here made me well up

3) Today more than ever we NEED someone to stand for “Truth, Justice, and The American Way”

We as a people have been battered since 9/11 with an in your face corrupt government. A constitution and a way of life that is being usurped and monitored. A war that “We The People” have been realising in higher numbers was sold to us with dubious facts, and a planet that is even more at risk of global destruction than really ever before by our own hands.

We need a HERO

I was very happy that the direction and the story were not just reliant on the Special Effects. There’s a good story and alot of tie in to the previous story line. So, yeah, the World Needs Superman and we need this film for more reasons than just how much Hollywood has given us suck for films.

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2006/07/01 at 08:06

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